Importance of value education!

Values education is teaching and learning about the ideals that a society deems important. The aim is for students not only to understand the values, but also to reflect them in their attitudes and behavior, and contribute to society through good citizenship and ethics.

Importance Of Value Education

               Life without values education is like ship without rudder.

Values work as
guidance system and help us reach our destination. Education without values or
edification will fall short of achieving its goal. Mere teaching, learning,
improving knowledge and skills without building character and mind may not contribute
to the holistic development of children, which is a must for the world to
become a better place.

In spite of the increasing literacy rate and more people receiving
education, the crime rate is refusing to come down! The rise in crimes, violence
and other destructive activities in the society can be ascribed to poor
inculcation of values. It has been seen in the recent terrorist attacks in
various parts of the world, that those who carried out the attacks were
educated men and women. What they lacked was edification. Had they been
thoroughly taught the values of human character, it is possible they would have
shuddered to think of killing so many innocent people. Education policy makers
need to lay more stress on education with much stress on imparting human values
and edification. This will have better results than mere education.

The need of the hour is to impart value based education. The stress
should be on the values such as patience, honesty, tolerance, sympathy, and
love for fellow brethren and sisters. The students must be indoctrinated to
keep values as top priority. The youngsters need not only to be taught how to
develop their skills, talents, and abilities, they must also be taught how to
use these skills, talents and abilities for the welfare and betterment of all.
Once values become everyone’s priority in life, all the negative aspects of
life will automatically dwindle. The world direly needs people with high values
to make it a better place to live in.